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Watch Out for Fake Antivirus Software Alert

Have you ever heard about rogue security software? Well, if you haven’t got the slightest idea about this, then here is your chance to learn more about this kind of software.

Rogue security software which is also termed as “scareware” provides no security on your computer. It only generates erroneous or even ambiguous alerts to lure naïve computer users to partake in its different fraudulent transactions.

How does fake antivirus software alert get into your computer?

If you have encountered such fake antivirus alerts on your computer, then you should know how this thing got into your computer system. Actually, creators and developers for this kind of scareware create genuine looking popup windows. These popup windows are alerts that advertise security update software. For sure you have encountered these alerts since they will pop up on the screen while you were busy browsing on the Internet.

For sure once you have seen them, you began to take action on it by clicking and installing the software that were recommended in the alert. But once you comply with these alerts and began to click on the rogue security software, it will immediately download it into your computer. As computer users, you should be aware that this rogue software may also be included in the search results if you search online for a trustworthy antispyware. That is why there is a need for you to protect your computer.

What does this antivirus alert do?

Even though you know by heart that your computer is actually clean inside and out, this fake antivirus alert will still popup on your screen reporting that you got a virus on your computer. Aside from this, by the time you have downloaded a rogue security software, it will install a virus into your system so that the software has something to detect on your computer. See? That’s how naughty a rogue software can be into your computer.

Here are some lists of what fake alerts can do into your computer:

• It entices naïve computer users to participate into some fraudulent transactions.

• It can steal your personal and private information through using social engineering.

• It installs malware into your computer without your permission to steal private information.

• Pop up windows will began to appear on your screen containing misleading and false alerts too.

• It will help slow down your computer and may even corrupt and damage your files stored on your hard disk drive.

• It will disable all your updates to give way to the antivirus software to make it legitimate into your computer.

• It will prevent you from browsing other websites about antivirus so that you will have to focus entirely on this software and nothing else.

It is a must that you have to protect your computer from this antivirus software alerts. You need to install a firewall into your computer and keep it turned on at all times. You may also install a good antivirus and antispyware to keep off viruses and other forms of malicious items in infecting your computer.

Make it sure that your computer is well protected always to achieve the best performance of your computer.

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